The Live Audio speakers give you a whole new way of experiencing music and probably the best. The sound stage, spacing between voices and instruments, great depth and width, is quite impressive. The tones of the instruments sound ORGANIC with great deal of subtlety, rich harmonics, and natural attack and decay. Surprisingly good on complex orchestral passages, and just magic on chamber, piano and acoustic. They truly recreating the sonic texture and time domain of live performance, with good imaging, precision and smoothness. In reality it is hard to explain how fast and alive they sound. The vocal imaging on those speakers are perfect, warm and gorgeous, with there full, rich and natural sound.

Well microphoned acoustic recordings give you an illusion of being in front of the artist at a specific spot. The Live Audio speakers are so transparent and dynamic, with real ease and life to the music, very revealing is an understatment. You will finally hearing things in the recordings that you never heard before. They will drag out an extraordinary amount of details and envelop you in the musical event. The midrange and treble are almost beyond belief, as the veil are lifted you will be shocked at the beauty of what you hear, getting the music right no matter what you play through them. The vocal are warm, very airy, focused with high resolution.

Here it is what people say about them at Salon du Son et de l’Image of Montreal:
Very open & deep soundstage, almost like a planar dipole. Good integration in the x-over region. Thanks - Scott B.

Excellent. Very impressive. It’s not always the name, but the know how. Congratulations. - Carlo G.

Really airy, detailed and natural. Thanks - Michel R.

Beautiful integration, a really high and large stereo image, larger than nature, as far as the eyes can see. - M. B.

I really likes them. The speakers disappear and let the band appearing. Really nice design. Really interesting price. Congratulations ! - Gilles P.

The best at the show until now. - S.C.

The richness of the sound are not only available to the richer people. Thanks. - Jn D.

How are we doing that ?

We use the highest quality components chosen by there performance

*Two woofers of 12” by side with a servo drive
*One full-range of 8” by side with Alnico (Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt) magnet, the best ones
*One 370 watts amplifier by side for woofers with servo-drive
*With the better anti-resonnance techniques.

To create a state of the art loudspeaker requires that every component used in the design is the finest and that those parts are synergistically ( elements that help each other ) matched so that the final product is a unified coherent whole. Everything used in the Live Audio loudspeakers was thought out from the less observable parts, such as wiring length, solder, to the more obvious, crossover, components, drivers, enclosure materials, nothing was left to chance.

In order to reproduce all the upper frequencies with complete transparency and precision, necessitated the employment of a full range driver crossed over at 70 hz where the stereo doesn’t exist anymore. And we used a simple crossover wich not rob amplifier power or reduce speaker sensitivity. The all important midrange is where the music emanates. No loudspeakers that aspires to state of the art can be compromised in this vital area of performance.

The remarkable full range we are using is high sensitivity, 91 db, that employed pricey Aluminium-Nickel-Cobal magnet on a cast frame, driving a low mass paper cone. Those powerful field generated by these magnets contributes to the natural reproduction of harmonic textures. These drivers combine lightning-fast response, very low distortion and inaudible coloration in a dipole technology. They allow us to use a single driver for all the stereo range from mid-bass to upper treble, without slashing in pieces, with crossover, in the important sector. The most delicate area are between 2000 hertz and 5000 hertz, but look what the most company do, they cut it exactly there, it is heresy ! It is where the vocal cues and echoes are…

Special baffles structures were created to minimize diffraction, minimizing diffraction make the loudspeakers disappearing. The result is an open, natural and clear sound with excellent depth and soundstage performance.

When attending a concert the visceral impact of bass and midbass instruments ( such as timpany, drums, double bass, etc ) is startling. The sense of weight and intensity can be heard as well felt. The majority of speakers are coloured in that area, you will ear booming, compressed and constricted sound due to a closed or vented box. Solution: we are using two 12 inches long stroke with cast iron in « open baffle ».

Now you will hear music with the real live impact , like attending a live concert without amplifiers, just naturalness, with all the transparency over all the full spectrum of instruments. The goal is to reproduce the sound field as when it was originally made as well as imaging that will put the musicians in the room with you. Ex: when we hear a piano, the sound play all around it, not just in front like speakers usually made in the industry. Our speakers are playing in the same ways like the real instruments does naturally, without amplification.

With all the Live Audio products, the used of DAO Silver cables is strongly recommended for best performance.

The speakers can be shipped directly to your home via Fedex, Purolator, Expedibus or Post Canada, contact us to get a quotes on shipping.

Price: 6800$ plus taxes and custom fees if applicable. Rebate of 500$ on the set with that coupon until May 21, 2011.