WeddingsIn our cables you will ear an irresistible sense of ease and flow of the music, which show up in instruments tonal purity and in uncanny reproduction of the hall’s between and around the performers. The echoes of the notes vividly described the space with a consistency and clarity that made it seem real. The more music will play, the more you will noticed the DAO Silver Cables’s incredible transparency, which showed up in instruments tonalities like in the complex woody harmonic structures of the oboe.

You will be struck by how powerful and dynamic the DAO Silver Cables are, they delivered just about everything you could hope from interconnect and speaker cables.

Maybe several hundred dollars spent on cables seemed to be a lot, but think that the total amount of cables in your sound system are probably lesser than the other components. Yes silver can be expensive, the Next Gen WBT connector are a bit pricey, but they are considered to be the best in the world.

Loudspeakers cables:

The speaker cables can be of black or silver grey color. Taxes not included

Gauge: 16 / 7 feet / 650$
Gauge: 16 / 8 feet / 700$
Gauge: 12 / 7 feet / 950$
Gauge: 12 / 8 feet / 1050$

RCA interconnect :

The RCA cables can be in black or blue color. Taxes not included

Gauge: 20 / 0.5 meters / 600$
Gauge: 20 / 1.0 meters / 650$
Gauge: 20 / 1.5 meters / 700$
Gauge: 20 / 2.0 meters / 750$
Gauge: 20 / 2.5 meters / 800$

XLR cables available on order, ask for prices.

To summarize:

* The best connectors are used, (WBT and Furutech)
* Best material, silver
* Best silver used on the market. All the silver are not the same, it is not a simple question of purity. The silver we are using are made with a different process in factory like the swords of Japanese Samurai the « katanas» and will not make harshness you will ear in silver cable of the competition
* Best design
* Best prices, you buy directly without intermediary
* Best service, you are refund if not satisfied in the first 14 days of purchase

The DAO Silver Cables represent very good value for the money, what are you waiting for ?

We are reseller of the Symphonica AC cables:

Samba 100 Power Cord

Made with # 12 awg u-OFC high purity copper conductors. It utilizes special ground wiring technique to minimize the interference from both Hot and Neutral wires. The result is better soundstage and separation.

MSRP: $250

Samba 200 Power Cord

Made with 2x # 12 awg ( equivalent to < #10 awg) u-OFC high purity copper conductors connected in parallel to reduce the wire resistance. It utilizes the same technique used in Samba 10 with warmer sound.

MRSP: $450

Samba 300 Power Cord

Made 3 #12 awg ( equivalent to <#8awg ) u-OFC high purity copper conductors connected in parallel to further reduce the resistance of the wire. The wires are specially arranged and braided. It has all the advantages of Samba 100 and Samba 200; it sounds so musical that you will not be able to resist dancing with the music.

MRSP: $650

(All Symphonica cables are handcrafted in Canada.)